Saturday, July 23, 2016

Assessment Reflection

Last year was the first year our district used new math curriculum and so it was a crazy year creating new material and new tests and everything to go along with the new curriculum.  As I went through the new year, I created some great tests and I'm sure a few not so great tests.  Grades on some were good, on others, not so good.  We did spend some time looking over the tests in class, but I really want to do a better job of having the kids reflect on how they did on their tests and of course be able to capture that data.  I do have my class averages for each test, which gives me a little information.

What I really want though is data on each question, but who has time to go through all tests after grading and write down how each student did on each question.  Valuable data, but impossible to collect by myself.  In the past I have had students fill out a reflection sheet after a test and then collect those sheets, but again, if I want to pull any data about each individual question, I would have to go through each of those papers and pull that out myself.

There has to be a better way, and maybe some of you all already have a great way of doing this that I haven't stumbled upon yet!

As I sat this week preparing my materials for a Google Apps PD session I'm facilitating for the teachers in our district in a few weeks,  I started thinking about how I could use Google Forms to collect this data.

I'm envisioning that on the day I hand back tests each student will access this Google Form to enter their reflection and data on their own test.  The data will be collected in a Google Sheet that will allow me to sort by question to see exactly how my kids did on a specific question and why they thought they might have missed the question.  Here's picture of what the form will look like, what do you think?  Would love any ideas or feedback that you think might improve upon what I have here.

I'd be glad to share if this is something you might find useful.  Just send me a note and I'll provide the link since sharing Google forms can be tricky.

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  1. Hi Bonnie,
    I really enjoyed your blog. I have been a middle schoolteacher in the state of Texas for five years. This year I will be teaching Algebra 2 for the very first time (I'm kind of nervous about it). I came across your blog as I was searching for different activities that might be useful. I really like what you do with your classes and look forward to doing several activities like you. I just had one question ... do you create this activities yourself or where do they come from?