Friday, November 6, 2015

Imaginary Numbers

Two posts in one week.  I'm even amazed.  Never mind the fact that I'm writing about activities we did a couple weeks ago.

We were in the middle of a solving quadratic equations unit and had already covered simplifying radicals and solving with square roots.  I introduced imaginary and complex numbers and wanted to spend some time practicing simplifying negative radicals.  We started with a foldable about imaginary numbers with some practice problems inside.

We then moved on to practicing with a Solving Scramble activity.  I gave the kids 16 problems that involved imaginary numbers, simplifying radicals and solving using square roots.  They used white boards and worked with a partner to work each problem.  

On the big white board in class I had all of the solutions in a scrambled mess.  They checked themselves by looking for their answer.  If it wasn't there, they went back to figure out what they did wrong.  I really  love these self checking activities because it gives them immediate feedback without all the questions to me of "Is this right?"

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  1. I love your imaginary number circle. I also love how you put all of the solutions on the white board all scrambled up! Great ideas!