Sunday, January 3, 2016

#MTBoS12days - Classroom Wishlist

I really love my classroom.  I've been at my school for 2 years now and am very happy with the room I inherited from the previous teacher.  There are a couple things that would make it even better though.

  • iPads for everyone!  Ok, I'd be happy with one for every two students.  There are so many cool things I've seen posted that I want to try, but not having laptops or iPad has been limiting.  We do tons with our personal devices, but I do have a few students that I need to accommodate because they don't have a phone or don't have room for another app.  

  • Tables and chairs, instead of fixed desks with seats.  I want to be able to have those days that we push the tables to the side and just use the chairs or even the floor.  The desks with connected chairs are so cumbersome.  Narrow tables like these would be awesome.

  • Windows!  I'm in the middle of the builidng with no natural light.  I would love to have some natural light pouring into my room.  Might just get me out of there earlier too as I'd have a sense of how late it really was.

  • Interactive whiteboard.  I've never had one, but they look really cool.  Definitely not a need, but would be nice.

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