Wednesday, December 23, 2015

#MTBoS12days - How I Relax and Rejuvenate over the break!

It may not sound very relaxing, but the biggest stress reliever for me is organizing.  With 3 teenagers living at home, my house gets crazy cluttered during the semester.  I spend more time working on lesson plans and teaching than I do on my house and as a result it's utter chaos by Christmas break.  Once break starts,  the de-cluttering begins too.  I usually start with my desk at home, then move on to my closet, then my kitchen pantry and so on.  By the time I go back to school, I feel like I've accomplished something at home and hope that the neatness lasts at least a couple weeks.

After organizing, my next stress reliever is baking.  This I'm able to do throughout the school year, so it's not just an event that takes place over the break.  I love to bake!  Warming up the kitchen with all sorts of yummy smells puts me in my happy place.  Pies, cakes, cookies, brownies, and bread are my favorites.

Kind of funny that my two greatest stress relievers actually involve more work.  I don't mind though, it doesn't seem like work when I'm doing it.  What is your go to stress reliever during the break?

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